Research and Program Focus

Polynesian pearl-shell fishhooks

Field work at Kualoa addresses multiple questions, focusing on themes of island biogeography, evolution, ecology, chronology, human impacts, land-use, community patterning, and the conservation of cultural resources.

In joining this field project, students will have a unique opportunity to learn about method, theory, and field-laboratory techniques relevant to:

  • Excavation, surveying, & field data acquisition
  • Coring & sediment/soil description
  • Geo-archaeology & landscape evolution
  • Remote sensing & geospatial mapping
  • Hawaiian natural and cultural history
  • Faunal recovery & analysis
  • Artifact analysis
  • Chronology
  • Human-induced environmental change
  • Human subsistence in island environments
  • Hawaiian ethnobotany
  • Hawaiian agricultural systems
  • Inter-disciplinary paleo-environmental reconstruction
  • Historic archaeology & post-contact environmental change

We invite students to read some of the related published research. Reprints (pdf files) are available by visiting our publications page