Aloha Kākou!

Program participants have a hands-on role in field survey work and archaeological excavations.

Welcome to Kualoa Ranch, on the windward shore of the island of O‘ahu, home to the Kuala Field School.

This archaeological field school will feature a regional research design integrating remote sensing, geographic information systems, geophysical techniques, survey, mapping, excavations, and analyses of faunal, artifactual, and other materials. Students will participate in this range of data acquisition and learn a breadth of skills essential to cutting-edge field research.

Dr. Terry Hunt, of the University of Oregon and Dr. Carl Lipo, Professor at California State University Long Beach, will offer Archaeological Field Techniques for undergraduate or graduate students (course listings ANTH 381 or ANTH 668, each 6 credits). In addition to fieldwork, the summer program includes lectures, field trips, and laboratories. Students will learn about Polynesian and Hawaiian archaeology as well as related issues in the natural sciences and environmental history of Pacific Islands.

Course credits (undergraduate and graduate) are offered from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and are transferable to other institutions. All students in the summer program are eligible for the significantly lower Hawai‘i resident (in-state) tuition.

Space is limited and admission is competitive, so we encourage students to apply early for this unique opportunity in Hawai‘i. Undergraduate and graduate students from all colleges and universities are welcome to apply (you need not be a University of Hawai‘i student to participate).

Have a look around.